Add New Sponsor

You can add new sponsors through Sponsors → Add New Sponsor in the WordPress Administration Panel.

The Sponsors → Add New Sponsor screen.
The SponsorsAdd New Sponsor screen.

Unlike other post types, sponsors do not contain most of the same options as standard posts. They support only a few specific fields.

Sponsor Options are found below the title on the Edit Sponsor page. If the Sponsor Options are not visible, make sure they are checked inside the Screen Options area at the top.

If you are adding a new sponsor, make sure you have saved the post before editing sponsor options. Otherwise, the sponsor options will not be visible.

The logo image will link to the sponsor’s website. Select an image sized at 260px x 80px. Click the + button to upload an image. This field is required.


The URL field determines where the logo will link to. Enter the URL of a post or page on your site or the URL of the sponsor’s site.

Open in a new tab?

Set this option to On to open the URL in a new tab. Otherwise, it will be opened in the same tab as your site.


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