Every Non-Profit, Foundation or Charity Organisation (501(c)(3)) deserves to have a top-notch and beautiful website that would help to get a great online presence and to accomplish the main goal. Charities need a quality WordPress Themes for Non-Profit with a lot of great features intended to achieve particular demands for a Nonprofit Organization.

These 4 WordPress themes for non-profit have integrated features to help you to Raise funds for your cause through donation buttons, to Promote the events related to your charitable organization, to Showcase all kinds of content, to Create an online shop and much more.


Benevolence - Church Nonprofit WordPress Theme

If you are planning to build a website for a church or a nonprofit/charity organization then you will be delighted to know that there is a special WordPress theme that you can use and that is called Benevolence. With its features, Benevolence theme will certainly catch the eye of your target visitors. Whether you are aiming to attract more members, raise funds for a good cause or simply promote the activities and services of your charity organization or church, the Benevolence theme can help you do the job. Let’s take a closer look at this special WordPress theme for non-profits.

Versatile and Simple: One of the best things about the Benevolence is that it is truly versatile. It has 11 custom post types, 18 widget areas, and unlimited color scheme. It has a child theme and when it comes to appearance, Benevolence is very simple yet elegant and is very user-friendly. Nothing about its look is over the top, which makes it very appropriate for a church or nonprofit website.

Fundraising made easy: Churches and nonprofit organizations are always looking for ways to raise funds. Therefore, they would need a website that would make such endeavor easy and simple to do. The Benevolence WordPress theme has a built in progress bar that acts as a visual dashboard to easily track donations and to check if you are getting close to reaching your fundraising goal. Updates are made in real time just after the transactions are made. The feature also allows users to enter donations manually.

Tell the world about your projects: If your church or organization is regularly holding noteworthy projects, then don’t you think more people should know about them? You can easily do this with the Benevolence WordPress theme thanks to its project grid or list feature that provides an overview of projects. If visitors want to get more details about each project they simply have to click on an item on the list and they will be brought to the individual project page. Projects can be viewed according to their status, start and end dates.

Promote your events: Do you want more people to attend your events? Then you need to promote them more effectively. One of the best ways to do this is to post your events on your website. The Benevolence theme makes it easy for churches and organizations to promote their events, especially recurrent ones. With the Events feature of the theme, you can input the details of the event once and it will be automatically posted on the dates and times you have designated. The feature also allows you to easily view all your past and upcoming events and even display them in a calendar format.

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Charity - Donation Theme WordPress

Nothing beats the Charity WordPress theme when it comes to creating an amazing website for Nonprofit or Charity organizations. Besides helping you to raise funds for your projects, this outstanding WordPress theme also assists you to showcase all types of content and even to promote the events associated with your charitable organization. Additionally, the theme allows you to set up an online shop and even to monitor your donations using the advanced dashboard widget. This complete beginner’s guide will disclose to you everything you need to know about the Charity WordPress theme for Non-profit Organizations.

Features and Benefits

WooCommerce: With WooCommerce, you have the freedom to create a beautiful and professional online store to sell any kinds of products. Besides making it easy for you to handle payments, WooCommerce also simplifies your work when it comes to handling inventory, shipping, and much more.

Perfect Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Using the Charity theme is the easiest way to get your non-profit website ranked higher in search engine results. All headings, titles, and Meta tags have been optimized in accordance with Google’s preferences.

Custom Logo: The Charity WordPress theme also allows you to upload a custom logo that identifies your charity organization.

Custom Share Buttons: These buttons motivate your visitors to share your content directly from the website in order to generate more traffic for your cause.

The Dashboard Widget: This feature gives you a general picture of the donations you have received for your campaign at a quick glance through clear charts and graphics.

Super-Fast: Since its first day of creation, this theme has been undergoing continuous optimization to ensure that it has fewer database queries, less JS & CSS, fewer requests, and loads faster.

Multilingual Ready: This multiple-language feature enables you to extend your reach globally.

Recurring Donations: This feature gives your visitors the opportunity to make one-time, monthly or weekly donations right on the website.

Many Color Schemes: The Charity WordPress theme also comes with unlimited color choices to make your website’s color consistent with your brand identity.

Highly Customizable: The theme is easily customizable with advanced theme options to help you set up your charity website just the way you like. You can choose from different layouts including church-specific and non-profit features like Staff, Sermons, Causes, Projects, Ministries, and much more.

Widget Ready and 9 CPT: The Charity theme also features unlimited widget areas alongside 9 custom post types.

Highly-Responsive Design: The retina ready display ensures that your website looks amazing on any device. With this website theme, users will not only be able to see your projects and give donations on their computers but also on their mobile phones.

Publish Documents: With this feature, you can effortlessly publish newsletters, books, flyers, annual reports, and much more.

Child Theme: This feature keeps you updated about future theme releases.

The Charity WordPress theme has everything you need, all in one location, to design any charity website after your own fancy. Besides the 9 custom post types, this theme also comes with unlimited widget area and an elegant professional design. Furthermore, the theme is retina ready design and fully responsive. The Stripe and PayPal integrations make this theme perfect for fundraising and accepting all online donations for your cause. In case you get stuck while setting up this theme, there is a quick, top-notch, and professional support team ready to give you a hand.

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Charitas - WordPress Themes for Non-Profit

The Charitas theme was specially designed for community groups, foundations, non-profits, and charities. Currently, it is being used by more than 2500 non-profit organizations. Can all of them be wrong? Of course not! Charitas is a cutting edge WordPress Theme for Non-Profit & Charity Organizations with a beautiful design, excellent features, and one-of-kind support.

Are you looking forward to changing your website look to garner support for your cause?

If yes, you are definitely at the right place. With Charitas responsive non-profit WordPress Theme, you can hit the ground running within 2 minutes. This is how close it can be with this gorgeous theme. The theme has the donation features key to your non-profit organization’s success. Better still, the integration of PayPal with the theme ensures that you can get donations from all over the world using the most popular and trusted online payment service available today. In addition, you can use the donation progress bar to showcase how you are faring.

The theme comes with a handful of customization options which are integral in making your site not only unique but also shine. With custom post types for donations, staff, events and causes, you can make sure that everything is represented in a professional manner. Also, you can generate the color scheme of your choice to enhance the appearance of the theme as well as adding a personal touch to it. Imagine on top of all that you still do a lot more. For example, you can upload a custom header image, custom background pattern, custom favicon or even a company logo.

What are some of the key features of the Charitas theme you can’t afford to miss?

Page load speed: It has a speed grade of A91% meaning that you get the fastest page loads currently available for non-profit websites. Many people will be willing to spend more time at your site since they won’t waste time waiting for pages or posts to load.

Responsive design: The theme ensures that your site loads properly across all the devices and information on the site is easily readable. In this age of smartphones, being responsive is invaluable since many people are using smartphones to browse.

Multilingual support: If you want your non-profit organization to have a global impact then you must consider Charitas as the theme of your choice. It is multilingual ready meaning that it can convert the information on the site to almost any language.

Top-notch support: Without good support even a great theme can look average if not bad. But that is not the case with Charitas theme, you can get prompt professional assistance as many times as you want it.

Advanced theme options: If you are looking for a theme with lots of options don’t look beyond Charitas. Once you buy the Charitas theme, you get a variety of options ranging from donation options, Woocommerce options, look and feel options just to mention a few that you can modify.

According to the information above, you can’t deny that Charitas responsive nonprofit WordPress theme is a must-have theme for non-profit and Charity organizations. All the modern trendy features and functionalities like responsiveness, the inclusion of child theme, online stores, payment integrations, multilingual support among others are fully supported by the theme. Launch the demo to experience the theme first-hand before buying.

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Attitude – New WordPress Themes for Non-Profit

If you want to build a fully functional Charity or Non-Profit website then you should try Attitude theme, that is specifically designed to cater the unique needs of your organization. Attitude is a Drag & Drop WordPress Theme for Non-Profit integrated with Visual Composer that allows you to create stunning website content with simple drag and drop actions.

Attitude’s Smart Features and Functionalities

Drag & Drop Page Builder: The theme is integrated with Visual Composer which is one of the most used page builders. This makes it one of the cleanest and user-friendly themes out there.

Customizer: Attitude helps users add their own flair and creative touch and to make own changes easily and efficiently. It can help users showcase their creative projects online using the portfolio feature. Page and header settings, colors, background image are some of the customizable options that you can use.

Donations: It includes a donation system that allows you to collect more funds to support your cause. The donors will be able to see the goal of the cause and will easily choose how much they want to donate for it via PayPal.Me platform.

Blog Posts: With Attitude, you have the possibility to post daily articles about your causes or interesting things about non-profit.

Try Attitude, this gorgeous WordPress theme well suited for non-profit organizations.

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Charity Life

Charity life - Fundraising Charity WordPress template

For any modern Charity or non-profit organization to be successful online, a modern, eye-catching, and fully functional website is mandatory. Even though there are thousands of beautiful charity website themes available on the web, none stands out like the Charity Life built for 501(c) Organizations. This unique premium fundraising WordPress theme is not only built for Non-Profit Organizations but also for Charity Organizations, Political Organizations, Foundations, Churches, and much more. The Charity Life WordPress theme opens to you countless possibilities to design any charity website as per your vision. I will disclose to you everything you need to know about WordPress theme for 501(c) Organizations, including its features, functions, and benefits.

Charity Life – WordPress Theme for 501(c) Organizations: Features, Functions, and Benefits 

Multilingual Ready: This multi-linguistic feature gives you the freedom to extend your reach even to the countries that do not speak your first language. With such a global reach, you are sure to attract many foreign donors.

Widget and CPT Ready: The Charity Life WordPress theme comes with 13 widget areas and about 8 Custom Post Types to simplify your web design tasks.

Outstanding Customer Support Team: The customer support team is not only experienced but also professional, quick, and top-notch.

WooCommerce: The WooCommerce plugin allows you to design an attractive and professional website to sell any kinds of products your charity organization wishes to monetize. Apart from managing your payments, this plugin is also ideal for handling your inventory, shipping, and much more.

Custom Share Buttons: Charity Life theme also features beautiful share buttons to lure visitors to share your content.

Highly Responsive and Super-Fast: Besides featuring the fastest page loading speeds of about A94%, the Charity Life WordPress theme also looks amazing at any font. What’s more? It comes with the retina ready and responsive design, making it readable on any device, including mobile phones.

Custom Logo Capabilities: The theme gives you the freedom to upload a custom logo to mirror your 501(c) Organization’s identity.

Publish Document: With this feature, you can publish different documents like newsletters, flyers, books, annual reports, and much more.

Online Giving: This feature gives visitors the opportunity to make donations to your cause. The dashboard widget allows you to track donations in order to see how far or close you are to attaining your fundraising target. The information is displayed in the form of graphics and charts for easy interpretation.

Advanced Theme Options and Unlimited Color Schemes: Besides featuring a user-friendly options panel, this high-quality WordPress theme also comes with multiple color choices to keep your website consistent with your organization’s brand identity.

Automatic Collection of Donations: The Charity Life WordPress theme for non-profit comes integrated with PayPal, a perfect tool for collecting donations and fundraising for your 501(c) Organization.
Whether you are looking for a perfect WordPress theme to raise funds for your charity organization or to present different kinds of content, the Charity Life WordPress theme is all you need. Besides making your website modern and eye-catching, this theme also helps you to present your story in the most attractive way in order to capture the attention of donors. The WordPress theme comes integrated with PayPal, helping you to automatically receive payments to pledges after every successful transaction. Apart from giving you the mandate to follow all your transactions, the Charity Life WordPress theme also gives you the power to add and manage payments manually.

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