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Benevolence WordPress Theme

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Benevolence is a Premium WordPress theme thoughtfully designed to assist Churches and Nonprofit Organizations in creating their own professional websites. With its user-friendly features, this theme provides the tools needed to build an effective online presence. Whether you're a church seeking to connect with your congregation or a nonprofit aiming to raise awareness, Benevolence simplifies the process, allowing you to craft a meaningful website that aligns with your goals and values.
Supercharge your site with Benevolence. Optimal speed, updated code, and plugin compatibility guarantee a seamless experience. Elevate your online presence today!
  • Clean Code
  • Easy to install
  • Optimized for speed
  • Compatible with PHP 8.0+
  • Top-notch Support included
  • Child theme Included
  • Demo Content Included
  • Responsive Design
  • Integrated with PayPal
  • Integrated with Credit Cards
Benevolence WordPress Theme

Unlock Your Nonprofit’s or Church’s Potential with the Benevolence WordPress Theme

Elevate your nonprofit’s online presence with the Benevolence WordPress Theme. Crafted for modern functionality and user-friendliness, Benevolence empowers you to effortlessly create an appealing website. Prioritizing user experience, minimalism, and readability, this theme offers 18 widget areas, 11 Custom Post Types, and Unlimited Color Options, all supported by a Child Theme.

Enhance your site’s visibility with SEO-friendly, optimized code, ensuring Google and other Search Engines index your church website. Plus, with full responsiveness, Benevolence adapts seamlessly to various devices. Experience a balanced blend of usability and functionality with Benevolence’s intuitive back-end features. Additionally, this theme seamlessly integrates with PayPal and Stripe, facilitating online donations for your organization.

Smart Features

What makes the Benevolence WordPress Theme so unique:

Lightning-Fast Performance

Achieve unparalleled speed with an A90+ Speed Grade, delivering the fastest page load times for your Nonprofit website.

Seamless Responsiveness

Experience a visually stunning and readable theme design across all devices, ensuring a delightful user experience.

Distinctive Branding

Effortlessly upload a custom logo that aligns perfectly with your organization’s unique brand identity.

Global Outreach

Prepare for global expansion with a multilingual-ready site, extending your client reach beyond borders.

Optimized Codebase

Benefit from cutting-edge WordPress practices, optimizing both the theme and the code for top-notch performance.

Exceptional Support

Enjoy responsive, professional, and prompt support that ensures your experience is seamless.

Future-Proof Child Theme

Stay up-to-date with theme releases by using the included child theme for effortless updates.

Effortless Installation

Simplify the setup process with an intuitive installation that takes just around 3 minutes.

Engaging Shareability

Encourage social engagement with custom share buttons that facilitate content sharing from your website.

Dynamic Color Schemes

Customize your site’s color palette to stay in harmony with your brand identity.

CPT and Widget ready

Benefit from 11 Types of Posts and 18 Widget areas, providing a wealth of content presentation options.

Pixel Perfect Icons

Experience the precision of Pixel Perfect Icon Solutions with FontAwesome integration.

Privacy-Conscious Design

Ensure GDPR compliance with a theme that aligns with privacy regulations.

Gutenberg Harmony

Experience full compatibility with the Gutenberg editor, streamlining content creation.

Streamlined Event Management

Easily manage recurring events with the convenience of automatic repetition.

Google Calendar Integration

Sync your Google Calendar Events directly onto your website for easy access.

Elegant Document Publishing

Present books, flyers, newsletters, and annual reports with style and elegance.

Elevated eCommerce

Harness the power of WooCommerce to transform your website into a robust online store.

Simplified Donations

Empower visitors to contribute effortlessly with one-time donations at the click of a button.

Flexible Giving Options

Offer donors the choice of one-time, weekly, or monthly recurring donations.

Visualize Progres

Witness causes thrive with an automatic progress bar after successful payments.

Seamless Fundraising

Effortlessly collect donations through PayPal and Stripe integration, serving as the ultimate fundraising tool.

Empower Fundraising Efforts

Benevolence empowers your website to become a dynamic fundraising hub for charitable projects. Effortlessly create compelling donation campaigns to amplify your funds. Visualize progress through an intuitive progress bar that tracks donations, ensuring you’re always connected to your fundraising goals. Receive instant notifications for each successful transaction, staying in the loop with your supporters. Beyond that, the theme provides the flexibility to manually input donations, giving you complete control over the process.

Project Showcase: Share Your Journey

With the Benevolence theme, effortlessly showcase your ongoing and past projects in an accessible manner. Utilize a user-friendly project list or grid to offer a comprehensive view of your endeavors. Delve deeper into each project’s specifics on dedicated individual project pages. Seamlessly organize projects by status, and highlight their respective start and end dates to keep your audience informed. Illuminate your journey of positive impact with a streamlined presentation of your initiatives.

Unveil Your Team: The Heartbeat Behind Your Mission

Your dedicated team forms the cornerstone of your organization. Within this exquisite church WordPress theme, the Staff section provides a platform to introduce your remarkable individuals to your visitors. Present your staff collectively or categorize them as Executive Staff, Board Members, and Volunteers. Highlight their roles and share their contact details, including Phone Numbers, Blog URLs, Email Addresses, and Social Media Links. Together, we proudly showcase the beating heart of our organization.

Engage with Consistency: Recurring Events Made Easy

Within the Benevolence theme lies an Event Manager section, designed to highlight categories and upcoming events that keep your followers informed. Experience a dynamic way to share your organization’s events effortlessly. Benevolence streamlines your efforts by allowing you to post recurring events with a single input. These events can automatically repeat daily or weekly, freeing you from repetitive tasks. Visitors can conveniently access your complete event history, both past and upcoming, presented in a clear, easy-to-follow format or a convenient calendar view. Make engagement a constant rhythm with Benevolence’s Recurring Events feature.

Share Vital Documents: Empower Your Message

Empower your mission by sharing crucial documents through your church website. The ability to publish Books, Newsletters, Flyers, and Annual Reports sends a clear message to your audience, encouraging action and fostering engagement. Benevolence provides a versatile platform to publish these materials in formats like .zip files, eBooks, and PDFs. This accessibility ensures that your valuable communications and ideas can reach a wider audience, enabling your visitors to conveniently share these documents directly from your website. Strengthen your mission’s impact through transparent and accessible document sharing with this theme.

Elevate Spiritual Connection: Seamlessly Manage Sermons

Experience the power of seamless sermon management with the Benevolence theme. This built-in section enables you to effortlessly upload sermons in various formats, including documents, audio, and video. Sermons are a dynamic means to connect with your audience. Showcase them effectively in list or grid formats, thoughtfully categorized for visitor-friendly navigation. Organize sermons by speaker, date, and category, enhancing accessibility and user experience. Benevolence empowers you to facilitate profound spiritual connections through accessible, organized sermon sharing.

Unleash Possibilities: Seamlessly Start Your Online Store

Harness the potential of the Benevolence WordPress theme with its seamless integration of WooCommerce. Transform your website into a thriving online store, enabling you to sell a wide array of physical and digital products. Fuel your projects and causes by offering your envisioned products for sale. With WooCommerce, effortlessly manage eCommerce intricacies, from Payments and Shipments to Inventory. Gain valuable insights with detailed reports on products and customers, enhancing your store’s efficiency. Empower your cause with Benevolence’s WooCommerce compatibility, turning your website into a hub for positive change.

Centralized Insights: Your Donations, Visualized

Navigate your church’s financial landscape effortlessly with the Dashboard Widget feature. Benevolence’s backend dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of donations through engaging Charts and Graphics, presenting donation statistics in a clear and creative manner. Gain quick access to vital insights such as Top Causes, All Causes, and Donation Performance by Cause. Streamline your understanding of donations and their impact through a visual journey, enhancing your organization’s financial transparency and decision-making.

Unleash Your Creativity: Advanced Theme Customization

Experience boundless creativity with Benevolence’s Advanced Theme Options. Tailor your website precisely to your vision with a wealth of customizable features. Craft your online presence effortlessly by selecting from a variety of page layouts, meticulously designed to cater to non-profit and church-specific needs. Highlight essential elements such as Causes, Events, Galleries, Staff, Sermons, Ministries, and Projects, all meticulously crafted to align seamlessly with your organization’s ethos. Elevate your website’s unique identity with Benevolence’s advanced customization tools, empowering you to create a truly exceptional online experience.

Discover the Gutenberg Revolution: Redefining WordPress

Unlock Unparalleled Flexibility

Embrace a transformative WordPress experience with the New Gutenberg Editor. This revolutionary approach shifts how you interact with WordPress. Dive into the world of blocks, a powerful tool that revolutionizes content creation. Seamlessly insert, rearrange, and style multimedia content with minimal technical expertise. Say goodbye to complex custom code – instead, effortlessly add blocks and immerse yourself in crafting engaging content. Embrace a new era of streamlined content creation with the Gutenberg Editor.

15 reviews for Benevolence WordPress Theme

    David Salch (verified owner)

    This is the ULTIMATE theme for a church organization! We have spent hours and hours looked at dozens of themes, some costing much more, and settled on Benevolence. It is head and shoulders above the others in features, clean design, and usability. The integration of so many features is beautiful and simple. Beginners can operate the features easily, which can not be said for all themes. We actually had previously purchased a more expensive theme from another author and ended up replacing it with this one due to being just too difficult to use by comparison.

    The resulting look of this theme is clean and straightforward. Not cluttered with flashy features which tend to distract from content. Just enough styling and “fancy features” to make it feel modern without the website itself becoming the center of focus. The church and the content is what the viewer experiences.

    The feature list has it all! integration into donations systems, maps, sliders. Easy support for sermons, publications, commerce, events, causes, projects, staff, and more. And all features are implemented in similar functionality so it is easy to learn and utilize. These guys have thought through the user needs and experience as well as the viewer.

    And I must add, the customer service is over the top! These guys went above and beyond the expected, to support specific needs we had. They were helpful, polite, eager, and in the end even made a change to the theme to support a specific need.

    I highly recommend trying these themes!


    I have purchased Benovelence 2015, its great theme and so easy to use. I really recommed to purchase this them

    Glenn (verified owner)

    Very happy with WPLook and service.

    Binoy (verified owner)

    Hi, I have purchased this theme for my church website in 2016. This is a great theme, easy to modify. Easy to setup. Excellent support from the team. Resolved all my queries on time and very helpful. As a web administrator, i was looking for a great theme with excellent support so this theme fits very well. I would highly recommend this theme. Binoy Abraham (

    Suzanne (verified owner)

    The theme is very beautiful and we get lots of compliments on the look of the website.


    I purchased Benevolence back in October 2015, and I have been most satisfied with it. I am the Communications Director for a medium-sized urban Episcopal Church, and the Communications Committee were waffling between the theme/DIY approach and going with a total Web site solution service (ecclesia360), and it was the look and features of Benevolence that tipped the decision.

    I wasn’t certain that I had to purchase the Revolution Slider to make my site look just like the demo–and I could have asked–but I got it anyway, just to have all the extra features. If it is required to make it look like the demo, that should be stated somewhere clearly.

    I’ve only encountered a few minor bugs so far–honestly far, far less than I’ve encountered in premium themes, and I don’t mean this at all as a veiled criticism. I’ve added quite a few plugins, and Benevolence has played well with them all so far.

    The feature set is so well thought out and implemented, and I would absolutely recommend this theme to any other church Webmasters.

    Thank you.

    Glenn Empey (verified owner)

    I am totally impressed with the timely, courteous, and effective support response for WPLook! Excellent products and superb support.

    Zoila Disla

    This theme is beyond awesome. I love the flexibility, the features, Design quality is out of this world. It’s so crisp. And as though that isn’t enough, customer support is outstanding. LOVE IT!!!!!


    This is a fantastic theme. It simplifies management of all the types of pages a church might need to create. Support is very quick and friendly. On top of all this, the theme is beautiful. I’m so glad I came across this theme. Thanks!


    Excellent coding… and SUPERIOR support!

    Rssg Matt

    This is one of the best website I’ve worked with. Easy to work with and the support team was fast to answer. I highly recommend WPlook as a web team to buy from.

    Slancio Creativo

    The template is very nice graphically customizable in every detail and support is always great and on time.

    Adjie Yudistira

    Always listening and understanding… love it, they always provide me anything that I’m asking about this themes, even if it’s out of scope. Thank you very much.


    Quick response from the support group. Thank you.


    Support and theme are great!

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