Every Nonprofit organization desires to Increase Charitable Donations to support their causes. The internet has made this even easier with online donations and an increase in the avenues to get more funding from around the world. If you have been tasked with fundraising for your charitable organization, these 7 ways can help you be successful at increasing donations.

 Increase Charitable Donations

Accept Credit Card, Debit Cards & PayPal

Ways of collecting charitable donations have increased from the old days when checks and cash were the only ways to receive funding. Today, donors can use their credit cards, debit cards and online payment methods like PayPal to make donations securely. Apart from these, donors can contribute through online banking and eCheck acceptance methods allowing Nonprofits to widen their ways of accepting donations. With developments in technology, we now have online donations software that enables PCs and smartphones to be used for donations very easily at events. Nonprofit organizations can also set up online donation forms right on their websites to give donors the power to donate from anywhere even from home.

Use Giving Levels and Custom Amount

One way to increase charitable donations is to set up small payments (ex: 25$, 50$, 100$) and target a wider audience. This way, many small donations will flood your coffers and allow everyone to contribute no matter how small their ability is. It is easier for a person to part with a small amount every month than paying a large sum at once. To ensure you get recurring payments, allow the donors to pay for whatever amount levels they are comfortable with.

Use A Secure Connection HTTPS/SSL

Online financial transactions have become so common, and so has internet fraud. To assure your donors of their security when paying through your website, you should consider installing end-to-end encryption like SSL to the website. Your site should be set up for security and simplicity so that your donors don’t expose their information to unauthorized third parties. Consider placing a simple logo like Verisign or SiteLock in the site footer to give some assurance that you care about their security. This is one way to build trust with your donors and have them coming back to donate to your causes.

Set Up Auto-Recurring Donations

Most charitable donations happen on a one-time basis, however, you can get more by setting up an automated recurring donation that your donors can enroll for so as to give you regular donations without either party having to do anything more about it. With a WordPress theme created specifically for the Non Profit organizations, this is easy to activate. It also helps the organization do a better forecast for the fundraising and spending on their causes. The online donations software will capture the donor’s payment information once and charge the account on the set regular interval. This can be something like $10 every month. This ensures your causes are supported without having to convince the same donors to remember your causes.

Make The “Giving Process” Simple

No donor wants to endure a complex donating process on your website. A custom made WordPress theme for nonprofits ensure your organization can manage the entire donation process as easy as possible and donors can get in and finish within minutes without asking for any help or undergoing any frustration. Something as simple as clicking the DONATE button on your site to the secure payment platform will make it a one-click donation process. A simple site with various donation options will ensure your donors are happy.

Communicate About The Organization’s Values

Be clear about your causes, the nonprofit set up and your organization in general. The donor likes to know how his charitable donations will be used. It is advisable to publish on your website the previous donations and how they were spent to create trust with your donors and gain even more funding. The donor likes to see his money making a meaningful, measurable difference. This should be in line with a prudent spending plan, for example, 5 percent for administration, 60 percent to supplies and so on. You can also set, on your site, a fund designation form for donors to direct their funds to specific programs, causes or activities. When the donors gain confidence with your organization, they will remain loyal as your supporters.

Optimize The Cause Page For SEO

Your website, first of all, needs to be optimized to rank high in search engines, therefore, increasing your site visibility. A SEO optimized online donations page places your organization on a better stand to increase fundraising. A professionally designed WordPress theme for nonprofit organizations is your best choice to make it easy for your organization and for the donors to support your causes.

Every Non-Profit, Foundation or Charity Organisation (501(c)(3)) deserves to have a top notch and beautiful website that would help to get a great online presence and to accomplish the main goal. Charities need a quality WordPress theme for non-profit with a lot of great features intended to achieve particular demands for a Nonprofit Organization.

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