Eye-catching, fully functional, and up-to-date websites are compulsory for nonprofits that aim to prosper online. Nonprofit organizations looking to make an impression professionally and raise some money requisite a site that will stir confidence. Like all other websites, a nonprofit website should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and as interesting as imaginable.

We have done some search for your convenience and came up with 10 must-have features for your Nonprofit website, essential for any great site. We are sure you don’t want them missing from your nonprofit website.

Donate Buttons

In our world, most things need money to get done. Sometimes you might want to raise some money if you want to make any difference in your life. A great app makes the process of giving donations a painless, easy process, secure, and safe. Get Funding App uses the dashboard of your PayPal account and will accept money from all major credit cards and your PayPal account. One of our favorite things about it is that you can also add incentives by sharing information, for example, social activity statuses, donations, and best of all, it’s totally free.

Mobile-friendly adaptive design

The world is moving in sync with mobiles these days, so your nonprofit website must work well on mobile. Its interface should be easy to navigate and user-friendly. Google webmaster tools offer a convenient problem-solving feature that provides you with an immediate report on how sound your nonprofit website performs on a mobile device.

Biography of board and staff

Although the major focus of any nonprofit organization is naturally the population you serve directly, you must highlight the people working behind the organization’s idealism and experiences. This will build trust, credibility, and confidence between you, especially those who don’t know you in person.

A Blog/News Section

A key feature of any nonprofit website is that it should have a separate section for news and blog posts. This feature must be updated regularly so that when your supporters visit your website, they should know you are serious about it. This will help the people stay updated on the latest occurring and happenings in your organization. It is a good idea to have a “Blog” or “News” section highlighted on the top of your website, enabling the reader to visit it. It will help the reader and your supporters if the blog posts are short and to the point. They should tell them what you have been doing and highlight the mission and causes of your organization so they may donate as well.

A Description of Volunteer Opportunities

This feature is of the utmost value for any nonprofit website. This is the most important page for new and old users who are supporting you. This will allow them to be more involved in your work

A Description of Programs

Your nonprofit website should have a description of the programs your organization is offering. They may be summarized and recapped in the news or blog section.


Testimonials and stories from precise people and organization can act as motivation tool for future donors. Therefore you must not miss on this important feature as reliability is everything.

Email subscription

Instead of writing “subscribe to our weekly newsletter,” try to be more creative so others may be attracted towards it. For example: join our drive.

A content promotion plan

Work that is under the circumstances seen by your target viewers has no worth. If you’re on a low budget, then you can promote your site cheaply or even for free on social media sites.

Quality Content

Only you know everything about your nonprofit organization, so you have to put it out there for others to see it too through proper content on your website. You can add images, profiles of people who have helped you, and the history of your work. In the end, it will all add up to build more trust between you and your supporters, which will help you in more fundraising and donations.

Our goal is to help create an amazing website for your nonprofit organization. If you’d like to design or redesign your organization’s website, let’s do it together!

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