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The best Maintenance Mode plugin – ComingSoon!

There are times when you need to make changes on your website that will take some time to implement, but you don’t want your visitors to see your page in this state. The solution is to display a Maintenance Mode for your visitors, to put up a “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” page.

ComingSoon – Maintenance Mode Plugin makes your website temporarily unavailable alerting visitors about it. When you are logged into your site you will still be able to see your website as normal when this plugin is activated.

The plugin is packed with different features as: Countdown timer: to inform visitors when your site come back again, Newsletter, Multiple colors, Social Networks, Video/Image Background and much more.

Start your work behind the scene with ComingSoon Plugin!

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  1. Intaj Mondal

    Waiting for the plugin.It needs to keep informing visitors that admin really cares for them.Thanks

  2. Payel Sinha

    Good plugin for busy site owner.

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