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The Social Media Color Palette For 2018

Have you at any point had to know the correct social media color palette for Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest? Or you wanted to include a “Join us on Facebook” in your website and needed to use the exact color ?
I’m sure you needed to know the exact color and look for it.

Every website picks their design for a reason. Twitter’s mascot for example is a bird, so it just bodes well that their blue color represents the sky. Facebook is blue because the founder, is red-green colorblind, so blue is the richest color for him, etc.

World’s favourite colour is blue, and that’s a huge reason why social platforms chose it as their colour. Bellow you can find the complete color sets for the most popular social platforms that define the media social color palette in 2018.

Facebook Color Palette

Facebook Color Palette logoMain / Logo
HEX: #3b5998
RGB: 59, 89, 152

Facebook Color Palette light blue(High)Light Blue:
HEX: #8b9dc3
RGB: 139, 157, 195

Facebook Color Palette borderBorder / Text Blue:
HEX: #dfe3ee
RGB: 223, 227, 238

Facebook Color Palette Background blueishBackground Blue(ish):
HEX: #f7f7f7
RGB: 247, 247, 247


Twitter Color Palette

Twitter Color Palette dark blue Dark Blue:
HEX: #0084b4
RGB: 0, 132, 180

Twitter Color Palette logo blue Logo Blue:
HEX: #00aced
RGB: 0, 172, 237

Twitter Color Palette background blue Background Blue(ish):
HEX: #c0deed
RGB: 192, 222, 237

Twitter Color Palette verified blue Verified Blue:
HEX: #1dcaff
RGB: 29, 202, 255


Instagram Color Palette

Instagram Color Palette MagentaMagenta:
HEX: #C32AA3
RGB: 195, 42, 163

Instagram Color Palette blueBlue:
HEX: #4c68d7
RGB: 76, 104, 215

Instagram Color Palette orangeOrange:
HEX: #fbad50
RGB: 251, 173, 80

Instagram Color Palette Yellow Yellow:
HEX: #fccc63
RGB: 252, 204, 99


Pinterest Color Palette

Pinterest Color Palette redRed:
HEX: #BD081C
RGB: 189, 8, 28


LinkedIn Color Palette

LinkedIn Color Palette blueLogo Blue:
HEX: #007bb6
RGB: 0, 123, 182


YouTube Color Palette

YouTube Color Palette red Red:
HEX: #FF0000
RGB: 255, 0, 0


Google Color Palette

Google Color Palette blue Blue:
HEX: #4285F4
RGB: 66, 133, 244


Google+ Color Palette

Google+ Color Palette redRed:
HEX: #DB4437
RGB: 219, 68, 55


Snapchat Color Palette

Snapchat Color Palette yellow Yellow:
RGB: 255, 252, 0


WhatsApp Color Palette

WhatsApp Color Palette greenGreen:
HEX: #25D366
RGB: 37, 211, 102


Foursquare Color Palette

Foursquare Color Palette pinkPink:
HEX: #F94877
RGB: 249, 72, 119


Swarm Color Palette

Swarm Color Palette orange Orange:
HEX: #FFA633
RGB: 255, 166, 51


Skype Color Palette

Skype Color Palette blue Blue:
HEX: #00AFF0
RGB: 0, 175, 240


Yahoo Color Palette

Yahoo Color Palette purplePurple:
HEX: #430297
RGB: 7, 2, 151

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