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Meet Charitas Lite – a Free WordPress Theme!

This is our first attempt at a totally Free WordPress theme called Charitas Lite. The theme is built for Charity Organizations, Non Profit Associations, Foundations, etc.

The Charitas Lite theme was inspired from our Best selling WordPress Theme Charitas.

The theme is available exclusively on, just download it and install!

We hope you find it helpful and easy to start your website right away.

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  1. Wonderer

    What are the differences between Charitas and Charitas Lite? (What does one get for the cost of upgrading?)

    • Victor Tihai


      Charitas Lite doesn’t have any Custom Post Type Included. It’s a simple theme based on pages and posts only. The Charitas theme comes with 7 Custom Post Types and 18 Widgets areas.

  2. anne

    Hi! The button, “Theme Details” goes to Charitas, not Charitas Lite.

  3. Victor Tihai

    Hi @anne,

    That’s right, we don’t have a separate page for Charitas-Lite.

  4. I am designing a website using the Charitas Lite. So, got few question(s).

    1. Can’t we create a slider using the same theme ?
    2. As I can see in the Demo Website, Header-1 is below the line social media header line, can’t we do the same in Charitas Lite ?

    A quick reply on the same would be appreciated, as all the ops are stuck 🙂

    Well, I really thankful to you for creating such a theme.

  5. I forgot to ask, does ‘Featured News’ work in Charitas Lite ?

  6. Mark

    I noticed that the “search” icon doesn’t do anything when clicked on. Is this a feature that is included in Charitas Lite?

  7. Patrick

    Are there any plans to upgrade the lite version. Because this one is more 2 years old.

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