Testimonials are a post type perfectly suited to displaying testimonials from your clients.

Testimonials on the page

The Testimonials Screen

The testimonials screen inherits most of the features of the standard posts screen. You can edit, delete or view individual testimonial using the links under the testimonial titles. You can select multiple testimonials for deletion and editing. A bulk edit feature allows you to change certain fields, en masse, for a group of testimonials. A handy in-line edit tool, called quick edit, allows you to update many fields for an individual testimonial. Various search and filtering options allow you to find the testimonial you want to edit or delete.

The Table of Testimonials

A table lists all of your testimonials.

Testimonials table
  • [ ]: This checkbox, when checked, selects that particular testimonial to be processed by a bulk action, such as edit or delete.
  • Title: This is the testimonial title displayed as a link. Click the title link to edit this testimonial. Next to the title, if a testimonial is of a Draft, Private, Pending, or Password Protected nature, bold text will display showing that. Hovering over the Title displays the unique identifier (ID) of a post.
  • Comments: Insert your comments.
  • Date: The date column for each testimonial shows the date Published for published testimonials or the date Last Modified for other testimonials. If the testimonial is a future testimonial, the scheduled date for publishing is displayed.
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