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Protect WordPress Comments from Spam

We will give you the peace of mind and will protect your WordPress Website from receiving Spam Comments! Spending time deleting spam comments is not a good idea, let's get this professionally fixed!
We will help you to clean up all current spammy comments and will protect your website for future spam attacks. No Recurring payments for future spam Protection!
  • No more spam.
  • Keep the database clean.
  • No more fake comments.
  • Keep your mailbox clean.
  • Be Protected!
  • Save your time.
  • One time Payment.
  • Increase Website Ranking.

You may be excited when someone posts a comment on your blog. Basically this excitement disappears when you see inappropriate replies to your content. These comments are known as spam. The main goal of these comments is to get backlinks, they publish a backlink from your website to another website and get accidental clicks from your visitors.

If you left the website unchecked it will have a negative impact on your website. It will decrease your website ranking in Search Engines, you will lose the credibility to your readers, and you will overload your WordPress database and will end paying more for hosting services.

If you keep reading it means that you may be affected by spam comments and you are looking for a solution. If so you are in the right place, we definitely can fix this problem for you!

What will do for you?

  • Will Delete all Spam Comments;
  • Will protect your website from future spam comments;

How does it work?

  • You Select the package accordingly with how many spam comments you have;
  • Place the order;
  • You create temporary access to wp-admin for us;
  • We clean your spam comments and protect your website for future spam comments;
  • Say goodbye to spam comments!

Compare Packages

  • Premium
  • Spam Protection for Comments
  • Delete up to 100 000 comments
  • Delivery in 3 Days
  • Delivery in 1 Day (+$19)
  • $29
  • Select
  • Basic
  • Spam Protection for Comments
  • Delete up to 1 000 comments
  • Delivery in 2 Days
  • Delivery in 1 Day (+$5)
  • $9
  • Select

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