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FitnessLife – Changelog

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Version 1.0.9
IMPROVED - PHP Performance
UPDATED - WooCommerce Templates (now is compatible to WC 3.2.0)
ADDED - Option to select different Contact Forms Shortcodes
FIXED - OptionTree on PHP 7
FIXED - Other Minor Issues
TESTED - WordPress 4.8.2

Version 1.0.8
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.6
ADDED - WooCommerce support
ADDED - CPT content editable by more than just administrators
ADDED - Add testimonial templates
ADDED - Masonry on testimonials grid page
ADDED - FitVids.js
FIXED - Logo theme options
FIXED - i18n in pagination function
FIXED - Remove favicon setting as it's been replaced a few WP versions ago
FIXED - Other minor issues
UPDATED - Option Tree

Version 1.0.7
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.4
FIXED - Slider Box
FIXED - Theme Translation 
FIXED - Other minor issues

Version 1.0.6
Note - After you update the theme please check contact forms and galleries.
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.3
ADDED - New Icons for CPT
ADDED - Update Notifier
ADDED - Linkedin to Social Media Widget
ADDED - New Gallery Option,
ADDED - Compatibility with Contact Form 7
UPDATED - Option Tree to version 2.5.5
REMOVED - Default Forms

Version 1.0.5
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.2
FIXED - Customizer color
FIXED - Other minor Fixes
UPDATED - Option Tree to version 2.5.4

Version 1.0.4
ADDED - Container for video 
ADDED - Russian translation
ADDED - Spanish language
FIXED - Translation issue
ADDED - Breadcrumb for pages

Version 1.0.3
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 3.9+
ADDED - Optimized images
ADDED - English .po/.mo files
ADDED - Activate/deactivate post option
ADDED - Post excerpts
ADDED - "WPLook Social Widget" links open in new tab
ADDED - Option to add content to home page template
ADDED - reCapcha for contact form
ADDED - reCapcha for classes form
ADDED - Option to hide search box
ADDED - New grid template for trainers
ADDED - Availability in the class
FIXED - Change flush_rewrite_rules(); 
FIXED - wpl_css_include function
FIXED - Comment box issue, when comments are set to off
FIXED - Menu on IE9
FIXED - Forms on IE
FIXED - other minor issues
UPDATED - Optiontree

Version 1.0.2
ADDED - Option to add content to the classes template
ADDED - Hover effect for images
ADDED - Hover color for the slider navigation
ADDED - WordPress default gallery style
ADDED - Option to deactivate image triangles
ADDED - Option to hide the call us text
ADDED - Update for Option Panel 
FIXED - Custom CSS method
FIXED - Classes Widget
FIXED - Trainers Widget
FIXED - Gallery Widget
FIXED - other minor issues

Version 1.0.1
FIXED - a few minor issues

Version 1.0.0
First release!

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