Causes Settings

  • URL Rewrite: The text displayed in the URL when you view a single cause page. For example, set this to cause for your URLs to look like
    After changing this field go to SettingsPermalinksSave Changes.
  • Category URL Rewrite: The name displayed in the URL when you access the cause archive, such as a cause category. For example, set this to causes-category for your URLs to look like
    After changing this field go to Settings → Permalinks → Save Changes.
     Category URL Rewrite and URL Rewrite can’t share the same name.
  • Causes page: Select the page you use for displaying causes to link to it in the breadcrumbs.
  • Excerpt limit: Set the length of the excerpt displayed for every cause.

    Set how many words do you want to display for the cause

  • Number of causes per page: Set how many causes per page you want to display on the Causes List and Causes Grid page templates.
  • Display featured image on single cause pages: Switch ON or OFF for the featured image and donation information at the top of the single cause pages.
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