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Conference – Changelog

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Version 1.0.11
ADDED - Option to set the number of columns for Sponsors
UPDATED - Foundation Zurb to 5.5.3
UPDATED - Font Awesome to 4.7
FIXED - Menu
FIXED - Speakers Category tempalte
FIXED - Admin Bar for old menu
FIXED - Odnoklassniki and VK social style
FIXED - Location Title for Address Widget
FIXED - Header opacity
FIXED - Responsive structure for testimonials
FIXED - Other Minor Issues

Version 1.0.10
ADDED - New Menu Design
ADDED - New Homepage Teaser Functionality (To display Speakers, Tickets, Action Buttons, Content etc)
ADDED - A new shortcode to display tickets
ADDED - Compatibility to WordPress 4.8
ADDED - Custom Text for Buy Tickets
ADDED - Page template to display all tickets and View all tickets
ADDED - Option to set ticket name
ADDED - A clean tempalte to be used for page builders
ADDED - Allow Content on home page
IMPROVED - Compatibility with WPlook Shortcodes
IMPROVED - Miniheader
IMPROVED - Map Widget to fit well on smaller screens
IMPROVED - Web Font Loader
IMPROVED - Footer Placeholders
UPDATED - Consolidated CSS dependencies, inlcude JS dependencies in the Headerdata
UPDATED - Google Maps
UPDATED - OptionTree for PHP 7.0
UPDATED - Instagram Widget
UPDATED - Flickr Widget
REMOVED - Support for custom Headers since we don't use them
DELETED - Unused Files
FIXED - Google Fonts HTTPS Error
FIXED - Teaser Logo
FIXED - Logo in mini-header
FIXED - The header to improve the parallax
FIXED - Other minor issues

Version 1.0.9
UPDATED - Google Maps.
FIXED - Consolidate CSS dependencies, include JS dependencies;
FIXED - Other minor Issues;

Version 1.0.8
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.5.3;
ADDED - Category support for sponsors widget;
ADDED - Email URL to Widget Address;
ADDED - Better options for whether to display sharing buttons or not;
UPDATED - Option Tree;
FIXED - WPlook page widget;
FIXED - Make CPT content editable by more than just administrators.
FIXED - Header image on pages;
FIXED - IOS parallax;
FIXED - Cross browser ribbon gradients;
FIXED - Homepage on mobile;
FIXED - Breadcrumb URLs;
FIXED - Other minor issues;

Version 1.0.7
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.4
ADDED - Sponsors by Category
ADDED - URL Rewrite for Daily agenda
ADDED - IE9 Compatibility CSS
ADDED - Custom Post Type Icons
UPDATED - Language files
FIXED - Sort sponsor categories by ID
FIXED - Translation accordingly with WordPress 4.4 
FIXED - Fixed Author name on comments
FIXED - Fixed the white space near the slider
FIXED - Other minor issues

Version 1.0.6
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.3
ADDED - Update Notifier
ADDED - Contact Form 7
ADDED - Gallery Widget for Home page
ADDED - Video Widget for Home page
ADDED - Countdown Widget
ADDED - Categories for Tickets
ADDED - URL rewrite for Sponsors
ADDED - an option to add HTML code to Address widget
FIXED - Menu links
FIXED - Text Widget in the footer
FIXED - About us page when scrolling
FIXED - The footer when is used less then 3 widgets
FIXED - ID for page widget
FIXED - Position for the first footer widget area
FIXED - Ribbon Color
FIXED - Other minor issues
REMOVED - Default Contact Form
UPDATED - Option Tree to 2.5.5

Version 1.0.5
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.2
FIXED - Customizer color
FIXED - Other minor Fixes
UPDATED - Option Tree to version 2.5.4

Version 1.0.4
ADDED - Compatibility for default WordPress widget on Home page widget area
ADDED - New template to display Staff by categories.
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.1
ADDED - New option to remove the "-" from schedule widget when end date is not set.
UPDATED - Option Tree to version 2.5.1
FIXED - Social icons alignment on teaser.
FIXED - Other minor issues

Version 1.0.3
ADDED - Many page widgets on home page
ADDED - Option to add content to Templates
ADDED - Sponsor Categories
ADDED - Category Descriptions for Archive
UPDATED - Option tree to 2.4.6
FIXED - Other minor Issues

Version 1.0.2
ADDED - New widget to display the page content
ADDED - A new option to set the number of columns for daily agenda Template
ADDED - Hide session description if is blank
ADDED - ID for Quote Widget
ADDED - The Widget ID to be visible in all home page widgets
ADDED - Multiple Speakers to each Session
ADDED - The number of columns for Daily schedule widget

Version 1.0.1
ADDED -  View more button on Schedule widget 
ADDED -  Option to set the number of columns for Ticket widget
ADDED -  Option to set the number of columns for speaker widget
ADDED -  Option to set the number of columns for staff widget
ADDED -  Add option to limit session on the Schedule widget
FIXED -  Page sidebar option
FIXED -  Schedule link color
FIXED -  Other minor issues

Version 1.0.0 - October 26, 2014
* First release!

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