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Charity – Changelog

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Version 1.0.14
IMPROVEMENTS - for Donation Template
ADDED - New SVG Cards
ADDED - New Styles for Donation forms
ADDED - New Styles for Cause donation form
ADDED - New Option Option for Stripe Fixed and percent fee
ADDED - More intuitive navigation for teme options
ADDED - New Credit Card icon
FIXED - Spelling Errors

Version 1.0.13
FIXED - Mobile Menu
ADDED - No-js option to the HTML tag. no-js can be used to fix FOUC issues for different elements in page

Version 1.0.12
FIXED - Content Clear caused by specific use of content
ADDED - Comment Template for pages

Version 1.0.11
FIXED - Include for Widgets
FIXED -Button style for Password required posts

Version 1.0.10
FIXED: delete transients for Donations

Version 1.0.9
FIXED - Language Strings
FIXED - Other minor issues by Theme Check

Version 1.0.8
FIXED - Menu, it causes white space on small screens
FIXED - Toolbar Share Buttons 
FIXED - Breadcrumb Links

Version 1.0.7
FIXED - Update Notification
FIXED - Date for Single Event
FIXED - Button URL for Homepage slider
FIXED - Negative Donation for Single Cause

Version 1.0.6
ADDED - Bank and cheque donations to donate now template
ADDED - Link to Project widget title
ADDED - Option to set the Donation Target link (toolbar)
ADDED - New Option to set custom URL for Staff or To hide the link to single page
ADDED - New Option to set custom URL for Projects or To hide the link to single page
ADDED - More flexibility for Main Slider, custom URL, and text for donation button
ADDED - New Option to hide the URL to single document page
ADDED - More Flexibility for Logo and Main menu
ADDED - New Option to hide the Toolbar
IMPROVE - Transient resets for causes
UPDATED - FontAwesome 4.7.0
UPDATED - The Toolkit Plugin to 1.0.6
FIXED - Design for New Widgets
FIXED - Visa Spelling
FIXED - Footer Widgets titles
FIXED - Page title and root menu for News section
FIXED - Google Maps
FIXED - Option Tree PHP7
FIXED - "To go" value in homepage slider
FIXED - Featured image for single post
FIXED - Other Minor Issue.

Version 1.0.5
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.7.
ADDED - Dashboard widgets for causes.
ADDED - PayPal Donations.
ADDED - Single Staff Template
ADDED - Google Maps Theme Options page.
FIXED - WooCommerce includes.
FIXED - Load stripe JavaScript on specific Custom Post Type and Templates.
FIXED - Other Minor Issue.
IMPROVED - Theme Speed.
UPDATED - .Pot file.

Version 1.0.4
ADDED - New Instagram Widget.
ADDED - Sort Events in home page widgets.
ADDED - Font Awesome Support for causes and testimonials widgets.
ADDED - New Google Maps.
ADDED - New option to order pledges (backend).
FIXED - WordPress date and time format.
FIXED - Eventbrite and custom URL buttons for events.
FIXED - Event End date.
FIXED - Upcoming Events.
FIXED - Event Status.
FIXED - Other minor issues.

Version 1.0.3
ADDED - Footer background image option;
ADDED - 3 levels for main menu;
ADDED - Header image on news template;
ADDED - one more accent colors;
ADDED - Target option for Call out URL's;
ADDED - Option to add content for Register Template;
UPDATED - Option Tree;
FIXED - Accent color for many elements;
FIXED - Breadcrumbs for Blog template;
FIXED - Accent color for staff page;
FiXED - Image alignment;
FIXED - Contact widget;
FIXED - Quantity issue on WooCommerce;
FIXED - WooCommerce Form Overlaying the Footer;
FIXED - Other Minor Issues;

Version 1.0.2
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.4
ADDED - Causes without Goal Amount
ADDED -  Possibility to set the donation amount
ADDED - IE9 compatible CSS
REPLACED - Deprecated Functions
FIXED - PHP 5.4 error
FIXED - Title divider
FIXED - Event Date localization
FIXED - Translation files, accordingly with WordPress 4.4
FIXED - Other minor issues

Version 1.0.1
FIXED - Home page widget area
FIXED - Event Widget
FIXED - Newsletter 
FIXED - Text Widget on home page
FIXED - Social Widget 
FIXED - Cause Widget Carousel 
FIXED - Default image alignment
FIXED - Adblock hiding the WPL Page (HomePage) widget
FIXED - Number of post for gallery widget
ADDED - Projects Widget
ADDED - Display home page content
ADDED - Logout Button
ADDED - Active Links Style
ADDED - Other minor issues
REMOVED - Home page middle left and middle right widget area
REMOVED - Home page bottom Widget area

Version 1.0.0
* First release!

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