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Charitas – Changelog

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Version 1.2.9
FIXED - Instagram Widget

Version 1.2.8
TESTED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.9.4
FIXED - WooCommerce Compatibility
ADDED - Option to Hide featured image on single project pages
ADDED - Option to Hide featured image on single Event pages
FIXED - Widget Gallery

Version 1.2.7
FIXED - Parallax
FIXED - Hide download button on publications with no attached file
FIXED - Hide publication download on archive pages
FIXED - Slider URL
FIXED - Pagination for different Templates
FIXED - Instagram Widget
FIXED - WooCommerce Cart URL
FIXED - Featured news errors
IMPROVED - Update notice
ADDED - More descriptive theme options descriptions
ADDED - DIsplay default content ton all custom templates
ADDED - New blank template to be used for Page builders
UPDATED - No-posts-found template.

Version 1.2.6
ADDED - Latest donations widget
ADDED - Alt Text for Social Media
ADDED - Fax Number (Address Widget)
ADDED - Donation Charts (WP Dashboard)
ADDED - PHP 7.0 compatibility
ADDED - Custom sidebars, Now you can add unlimited widgets areas and assign theme to any page/post/Custom Post Type
ADDED - Option to hide the date and time on the gallery template
ADDED - New Option to make pledges Public
UPDATED - Google Maps
UPDATED - Flickr widget to HTTPS
UPDATED - Web Fond via JavaScript.
UPDATED - WooCommerce 3.0
REMOVED - Admin date picker script
REMOVED -  html5.js
IMPROVED - Compatibility with the WPlook Shortcodes plugin
FIXED - Atom cleaning up the CSS
FIXED - Menu accessibility
FIXED - Instagram Widget
FIXED - Footer cleanup
FIXED - Event widget scrolling
FIXED - Gallery Thumbnails
FIXED - Other minor issues

Version 1.2.5
FIXED - Menu Functionality;
FIXED - Instagram Widgets;
FIXED - Breadcrumb support for custom post types;
FIXED - Menus don't appear off screen;
FIXED - Other minor Issues;
UPDATED - Google Maps API;
RESTORED - Event Categories;

Version 1.2.4
UPDATED - The POT file;
UPDATED - MeanMenu;
UPDATED - Option Tree;
ADDED - WooCommerce Compatibility;
ADDED - Option to hide the featured image on single cause page;
ADDED - Content editable by more than just administrators;
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.5.3
FIXED - Staff Widget;
FIXED - Search form;
FIXED - Cause title;
FIXED - HTTPS issue for Google Fonts;
FIXED - Default Widgets for post and pages;
FIXED - Other minor issues;

Version 1.2.3
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.4
ADDED - New date format for Events (after the update is recommended to change the date for all events)
ADDED - Theme translation accordingly with WordPress 4.4 rules.
REMOVED - Categories for events
FIXED - Other minor Fixes
FIXED - Single page gallery

Version 1.2.2
NOTE - After you install the update add the contact form and the form for Join the event. Contact Form 7 plugin is required.
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.3
ADDED - Theme Update Notifier
ADDED - Compatibility with Contact Form 7
ADDED - Option to set the number of posts per page for Causes
ADDED - Option to set the number of posts per page for Events
ADDED - Option to set the number of posts per page for Staff
ADDED - Option to set the number of posts per page for Publications
ADDED - Option to set the number of posts per page for Projects
ADDED - Option to set the number of posts per page for Gallery
REMOVED - Contact Form
REMOVED - Join Us Form
FIXED - Staff Grid
FIXED - Other minor Fixes
FIXED - Featured News Widget
FIXED - Header image on mobile devices
FIXED - List Items in the menu
UPDATED - Option Tree to version 2.5.5

Version 1.2.1
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.2
FIXED - Customizer color
FIXED - Other minor Fixes
UPDATED - Option Tree to version 2.5.4

Version 1.2.0
ADDED - Translation for Custom Post Type menu in wp-admin
ADDED - New gallery for Custom Post Type Gallery. Major change.
ADDED - Many options for Posts.
ADDED - An option to set the excerpt limit.
FIXED - Parallax for Header image.
FIXED - Slider for touch screen computers
FIXED - Revolution Slider Shortcode.
FIXED - Progress Bar IE8
UPDATED - Option Tree Update

Version 1.1.3
ADDED - Title for image gallery
ADDED - The missing currency code
ADDED - New template for all events
ADDED - Header image for Contact Page
FIXED - CSS problem when resizing the page
FIXED - Staff Member
FIXED - Slider Size
FIXED - The next and Prev link for staff Category
FIXED - Other minor issues.

Version 1.1.2
ADDED - reCapcha for Contact form
ADDED - reCapcha for Events form
ADDED - Masonry for staff members
ADDED - Publication Widget
ADDED - Target _blank for all link in social widget
ADDED - Possibility to display content on home page
ADDED - Caption for gallery
ADDED - Gallery Widget
ADDED - Categories for Featured news
ADDED - Video for Featured news
ADDED - RTL Compatible!
ADDED - Other minor fixes
FIXED - Slider alt, pause on mouse hover
FIXED - Sticky menu on IE8
FIXED - Breadcrumb
UPDATED - Option Tree

Version 1.1.1
This version has major changes.

ADDED - Custom Post Type Projects
ADDED - More secure PayPal Donation System
ADDED - Date Picker for the Events
ADDED - Compatibility with the plugin Order post 
ADDED - Option to deactivate the donation box for each cause
ADDED - Icon Instagram
ADDED - New theme options settings 
FIXED - Compatibility with Child theme
FIXED - Custom CSS
FIXED - Share Buttons on Mobile
FIXED - Join us button on past events
FIXED - Other minor Fixes
UPDATED - Option Tree

Version 1.1.0
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 3.8
ADDED - Custom text for Breadcrumb Home link
FIXED - The translation for Event’s date
FIXED - The category archive for events
FIXED - Linkedin on Social Widget
FIXED - Icon issues
FIXED - Address Widget
FIXED - Responsive logo issues
FIXED - Featured news image
FIXED - Other minor fixes

Version 1.0.9
ADDED - Social Widget
ADDED - Affiliate widget in the footer
ADDED - New Icon set (
FIXED - Search box default color
FIXED - White space when the Window is zoomed 
FIXED - Address widget
FIXED - Widget multilevel menu
FIXED - Other minor fixes
UPDATED - Compatibility with WordPress 3.7

Version 1.0.8
ADDED - Compatibility with Revolution Slider (Revolution Slider is not Included)
ADDED - Unlimited menu levels
ADDED - Option to hide the breadcrumb 
ADDED - Open Graph
ADDED - Thumbnail in the RSS feed 
FIXED - Facebook event icon
FIXED - Favicon path
FIXED - Duplicate title on home page
FIXED - Donation button was hidden on mobile.
UPDATED - The PayPal IPN function
UPDATED - Option Tree to version 2.1.4

Version 1.0.7
ADDED - New design for mobile menu
ADDED - Flickr Widget
ADDED - Equal height for staff
ADDED - Colour option for Toolbar
ADDED - Custom CSS
ADDED - Gallery (new custom post type)
ADDED - English and French .po/.mo files
ADDED - Menu for languages
FIXED - Spelling
FIXED - Other minor staff

Version 1.0.6
* UPDATED - Option Tree to version 2.1.3

Version 1.0.5
* ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 3.6
* ADDED - Possibility to remove Custom Post Type from Child Theme.
* ADDED - Comments to all posts formats
* ADDED - Pagination on Category and Tag 'Archive' Pages
* ADDED - New look to Publications table
* UPDATED - Option Tree to version 2.1.1
* FIXED - Taxonomies term links

Version 1.0.4
* ADDED - Publications (new custom post type)
* ADDED - URL Rewrite Name for Events
* ADDED - URL Rewrite Name for Causes
* ADDED - URL Rewrite Name for Staff
* ADDED - Link to featured news widget title
* FIXED - The 75% column on home page (firefox)
* FIXED - Widgets list arrow on apple devices
* FIXED - Featured news arrow color
* FIXED - Event Widget show post date instead of date the event is scheduled.
* IMPROVED - Custom tagcloud widget

Version 1.0.3
* ADDED - Option to edit the footer copyright
* ADDED - Option to add colour for slider text
* ADDED - Global Progress Bar Widget
* ADDED - Category for events Widget
* ADDED - Category for cause Widget
* ADDED - New widget for displaying the latest posts
* ADDED - The name where the event will take place
* ADDED - Option to add email address (for letter icon) in toolbar
* FIXED - Slider refresh causes entire page to "flash"
* FIXED - the wp-load patch
* FIXED - The space between the date and time
* FIXED - The date format
* FIXED - Money sign in the cause page

Version 1.0.2
* ADDED - Categories for Events
* ADDED - Categories for causes
* ADDED - Shortcodes Alerts
* ADDED - Shortcodes Buttons
* ADDED - Video Post Format
* FIXED - Translation issue
* FIXED - Social media from the toolbar

Version 1.0.1
* ADDED - Option for Analytics Tracking Code
* ADDED - Share Buttons for Posts, Events and Causes
* ADDED - Post Format Gallery
* ADDED - Twitter Status
* ADDED - Pagination for latest posts
* ADDED - Loading… for slides
* FIXED - The loop for the blog posts
* FIXED - Staff Widget
* FIXED - Hover status for donation button
* ADDED - Other minor changes

Version 1.0.0 - July 11, 2013
* First release!