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Benevolence – Changelog

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Version 1.1.10
ADDED - Directions to event address
ADDED - Add Google Calendar widget
ADDED - Widget - Text Enchanted
ADDED - Link to slider title & description
ADDED - Enable anonymous payments
ADDED - Option to display/hide comment count in posts widget
ADDED - Category descriptions to archive pages.
ADDED - Latest donations widget
ADDED - EVENTS, Pagination for archive, Upcoming and past events pages, with options in Theme Options & Metaboxes
ADDED - Nicer URLs for upcoming and past events pages
ADDED - Offset, limit and sorting options to events getting function to facilitate pagination
MOVED - Getting events for the above 3 pages into library.php so they can be accessed early (for example, for generating 404s, like WP does for normal posts)
MOVED - Events loop into inc-events-loop.php
MOVED - Webfont to JavaScript
IMPROVED - Ensured everything uses get_query_var instead of $_GET
IMPROVED - General calendar
IMPROVED - Theme options
UPDATED - Google Maps script
UPDATED - WooCommerce 3.0 changes
UPDATED - OptionTree PHP7.0
UPDATED - Footer
FIXED - Events Widget
FIXED - Check whether any events have been found before running WP Query
FIXED - Slider Animations
FIXED - Correct strings for single cause page
FIXED - Past/Upcoming events title
FIXED - Hide Donate on Cause widgets
FIXED - RTL Support
FIXED - Events category
FIXED - Menu
FIXED - Table styling
FIXED - Imagesloaded Include
FIXED - Breadcrumbs
FIXED - Other Minor Issues

Version 1.1.9
UPDATED - Full Calendar
FIXED - Color Setting for the Calendar
FIXED - Language Setting for the Calendar
FIXED - Calendar's Post Names

Version 1.1.8
ADDED - Stripe Integration (Now is possible to receive donation via Credit Cards)
ADDED - Dashboard Charts for (Donation for Top Causes, Donation for all Causes, Cause Donation Performance)
ADDED - Load calendar events via AJAX to prevent slow downs
ADDED - HTML to Address Widget
ADDED - HTML to Contact Widget
ADDED - Allow content to Calendar templates
ADDED - View all url to WPlook posts Widdget
REMOVED - Admin scripts
FIXED - Google Maps API key type fix
FIXED - Google maps documentation link
FIXED - Compatibility with the WPlook Shortcodes plugin
FIXED - Typo
FIXED - Current page parent Link
FIXED - Translation for date strings
FIXED - Google fonts enqueue
FIXED - other minor issues

Version 1.1.7
ADDED - Duration to past and current event templates;
ADDED - New Google Maps integration;
ADDED - Function to ensure repeting events exist and are not being spoofed;
FIXED - Past events Widget;
FIXED - Event URL;
FIXED - Move comment reply script into headerdata.php;
FIXED - JS issues;
FIXED - Other minor Issues;

Version 1.1.6
ADDED - Theme option to hide project status box;
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.5+;
ADDED - New Instagram Widget;
ADDED - Contact details URLs in the address widget;
FIXED - Pretty events URL;
FIXED - Other minor issues;
FIXED - Event date selector;
IMPROVED - WooCommerce compatibility;
UPDATED - FullCalendar;
UPDATED - Pot File;

Version 1.1.5
ADDED - Option to hide the slider when CPT slider is deactivated;
HOTFIX - Past Events;
HOTFIX - Fix slow repeating events queries;
FIXED - Past Events (Calendar display);
FIXED - Translation;
FIXED - Display private posts;
FIXED - Table design;
UPDATED - Option Tree 2.6.0;

Version 1.1.4
HOTFIX - Recurring Events;

Version 1.1.3
ADDED - Recurring Events (Beta);
ADDED - Option to hide Project Author;
ADDED - Share Buttons (Google+);
ADDED - Event by category;
UPDATD - Event Widget;
UPDATED - Event Calendar;
REMOVED - Past Events;
FIXED - Responsive issues;
FIXED - Other Minor issues;

Version 1.1.2
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.4;
ADDED - an Option to hide the goal amount;
ADDED - Translation for FullCalendar;
UPDATED - Event Functionality. We changed the date and time to a new date picker. After the update you have to change all events date;
FIXED - Sermon Category URL rewrite;
FIXED - Translation accordingly with WordPress 4.4;
REMOVED - Events category;
FIXED - Other minor issues;

Version 1.1.1
UPDATED - Full Calendar to 2.5.0;
FIXED - Cause forms;
FIXED - Default Header Image for Home page template;
FIXED - Responsive Logo;
FIXED - Google Maps
FIXED - Footer widget menu styling;
FIXED - Contact Form Responsive
FIXED - Other minor issues 

Version 1.1.0
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.3
ADDED - Update Notifier;
ADDED - Target _blank options for Sponsors;
ADDED - Categories for Ministries CPT;
ADDED - New option to hide/display share icons on pages;
ADDED - Contact Form 7;
ADDED - Instagram Widget;
ADDED - 4th level to the main menu;
ADDED - Translation for Widget titles;
ADDED - New Screenshot;
IMPROVED - Event Widget functionality;
UPDATED - Option Tree to 2.5.5
UPDATED - Google Calendar
FIXED - Translation for Shop title
FIXED - Header image
FIXED - Sermons Archive Icons
FIXED - Video url on Sermon List
FIXED - Translation for Custom Widgets
FIXED - Sermons tabs
FIXED - Caption for Galleries
FIXED - Make a donation fields size
FIXED - Page title
REMOVED - Contact Form

Version 1.0.9
ADDED - Compatibility with WordPress 4.2
FIXED - Customizer color
FIXED - Other minor issues 
FIXED - Translation
UPDATED - Option Tree to version 2.5.4

Version 1.0.8
ADDED - Video title on sermons page
ADDED - Menu 4 levels
UPDATED - Full Calendar to 2.3.1
FIXED - Event calendar time format
FIXED - Default gallery format
FIXED - Video on sermons page
FIXED - Other minor issues

Version 1.0.7
ADDED - New a new grid template to display projects;
ADDED - Option to hide pledges from the menu;
ADDED - Phone number in the toolbar;
ADDED - Style for Instagram Icon in the toolbar;
ADDED - URL to all icons for sermon widget;
ADDED - Multiple videos to sermon page;
ADDED - Translations for Post Type names;
FIXED - Capitalization in the menu;
FIXED - Archive event order;
FIXED - Other minor Issues;
UPDATED - OptionTree Update to 2.5.1;

Version 1.0.6
* UPDATED - OptionTree Update to 2.4.6;
* FIXED - Other minor Issues;

Version 1.0.5
* ADDED - Link to logo image
* ADDED - Option to hide the info box for causes
* ADDED - Add hierarchical subcategories for Documents
* ADDED - Date format for Past and Upcoming Events
* ADDED - Date format for event start time
* ADDED - Google fonts compatible with Vietnamese language
* FIXED - Translation Issue in WPML
* FIXED - The slider font size
* FIXED - Translation
* FIXED - Scroll menu on Mobile
* FIXED - Past Events Order
* UPDATED -FullCalendar and Fixed the issue with Google Calendar, API v3.
* UPDATED - OptionTree Update to 2.4.5
* REMOVED - reCapcha

Version 1.0.4
* FIXED - A few minor Issues;

Version 1.0.3
* UPDATED - Full Calendar
* ADDED - Google Calendar Template
* ADDED - Submenus for pages
* ADDED - Search Option in the toolbar
* FIXED - Social links on staff page will open in a new window
* UPDATED - HTML template
* FIXED - Other minor Issues;

Version 1.0.2
* ADDED - Option to hide featured Image on single posts;
* ADDED - Option to hide Author on single post and on blog template;
* ADDED - Option to hide Date on single posts and on blog template;
* ADDED - Option to hide Categories on single post
* HOTFIX - Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_plugin_active() on some servers;
* HOTFIX - PHP_ROUND_HALF_UP On causes widget;
* FIXED - Other minor Issues;

Version 1.0.1
* ADDED - Option to hide the breadcrumb;
* ADDED - Template with left sidebar;
* ADDED - Compatibility WooCommerce;
* ADDED - Compatibility with Revolution Slider (Revolution Slider is not Included)
* ADDED - New preload image;
* FIXED - Search box design;
* FIXED - Other minor Issues;

Version 1.0.0
* First release!