• Enable/Disable the toolbar: Activate or deactivate the toolbar.
  • Welcome message: Enter your welcome message displayed at the top of every page.
  • Social Network Navigation: Social networks listed here are displayed as icons in the site header.
    • Click the Add New button in order to add a social network.

      The Social Network Navigation panel.

      The Social Network Navigation panel

    • Set the Title to anything you want, it will not be displayed on the site.
    • The Service Name will be displayed once the user hovers over the social network icon.
    • The URL is where the social network icon will link to.
    • The Icon can be picked from the list of icons next to the input field.


      Settings available for each social network

  • Phone Number: The phone number will be displayed alongside the social icons. It will be linked, allowing users to tap on it to call.
  • Button title: The text to display on the blue button in the header.
Button Title

Button Title “Book Appointment”

  • Button URL: Insert the URL to which the button should link.
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