Add New Doctor

You can add new doctors through Doctors → Add New Doctor in the WordPress Administration Panel.

The Doctors → Add New Doctor screen

Unlike other post types, doctors do not contain most of the same options as standard posts. They support only a few specific fields.

Additional Doctors Options

Doctor page
Doctor page

Doctor Photo

Add a photo of the doctor. If you don’t add a header image, the default background color will be displayed.

Doctor Job Title

The position of the doctor member within your company.

A list of social icons which will be displayed using icons alongside other information about this staff member. Click the Add New button in order to add a social network.

Each social network has the following fields:

  • Set the Title to anything you want, it will not be displayed on the site.
  • The Service Name will be displayed once the user hovers over the social network icon.
  • The URL is where the social network icon will link to.
  • The Icon can be picked from the list of icons next to the input field.

Opening times

Press the Add New button in order to add opening hours.

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