• PayPal donation – Switch On or OFF;

Log into PayPal and click Profile.

  • Click API Access from the Profile menu.
  • Click Request API Credentials.
  • Check Request API signature and click Agree and Submit.
  • Write down your credentials (Name, Password and Signature)
  • Click on Done

Learn more how to set the API Signature

  • PayPal API Username – add the PayPal API Username;
  • PayPal API Password – add PayPal API Password;
  • PayPal API Signature – add PayPal API Signature;
  • PayPal Page return – select the page where the user will return back after successful donation.

NOTE: The selected page should use the PayPal Thank You! template.

  • PayPal Page Cancel – select the page where the user will return back after he canceled the donation process.
  • First default donation amount: The first default donation amount.
  • Second default donation amount: The second default donation amount.
  • Third default donation amount: The third default donation amount.
  • Currency Code – set the currency code for donations. Find here the full Currency code list.
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