Add Trainer

You can add new trainers through Trainers → Add Trainer in the WordPress Administration Panel.

The Trainers → Add New Trainer screen

Trainers contain most of the same options as standard posts. You can read about these in the Add New Post chapter. Additionally, they contain post options specific to trainers.

Additional Trainer Options

Trainer Options are found below the editor on the Edit Trainer page. If the Trainer Options are not visible, make sure they are checked inside the Screen Options area at the top.

If you are adding a new trainer, make sure you have saved the post before editing trainer options. Otherwise, the trainer options will not be visible.


Enter the field in which this trainer specializes.


Enter the rate this trainer charges.

Social Networks

Press the Add New button in order to add social media links.

Trainer Certificates

Press the Add New button in order to add certificates.


Press the Add New button in order to add hours during which the trainer is available.


Enter a testimonial regarding a specific trainer.

Best feature

Enter a feature representing this trainer, like “Top” or “Favourite”.

Example of an individual trainer


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