Use the row to create a container around your content, such as columns or to create content sections with different background colors.


Attribute Description Values Default


wrapWrap the content within the rowtrue, falsetrue
paddingDefines a fixed paddingpixels, pt, em, %N/A
patternSet a background patterntrue, falsefalse
bg_colorDefine a custom background colorHEX or RGB valueN/A
bg_imageDefine a custom background imageURLN/A
bg_repeatHow the background-image repeatrepeat, no-repeat, repeat-x, repeat-yno-repeat
bg_positionHow to position the background-imageLearn moreN/A
bg_sizeSpecifies the size of the background-imageLearn moreN/A
bg_attachment NewSet the background-attachment propertyscroll, fixedfixed
text_colorDefine the text colorHEX valueN/A
text_alignDefine the text alignmentleft, right, center, justifyleft
parallax NewEnable parallax supporttrue, falseN/A
height NewDefine the height of the rowpixels, pt, em, %N/A




Attribute Description Values Default

classDefine a custom CSS classClass nameN/A
paddingDefines a fixed paddingpixels, pt, em, %N/A
bg_colorDefine a custom background colorHEX or RGB ValueN/A
lastRemove the right margin of the last columnfalse, truefalse









Attribute Description Values Default

topDefine top paddingpixels, pt, em, %8%
rightDefine right paddingpixels, pt, em, %8%
bottomDefine bottom paddingpixels, pt, em, %8%
leftDefine left paddingpixels, pt, em, %8%


Attribute Description Values Default

topFixed top paddingpixels, pt, em, %0
bottomFixed bottom paddingpixels, pt, em, %0

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